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This retreat is designed for people who want to have their psychedelic experience, in a safe and secure context. There will be two ceremonies in a held space where you can feel safe and accompanied at all times. The first ceremony will be in a closed space with healing music and Reiki that will allow us a greater degree of introspection. In the second, a psychedelic experience that you will enjoy with the synergy of the group.

During these experiences I will put at your disposal all the necessary tools so that you can contact your internal healer and thus regain alignment with your true self, your natural rhythms and those of nature.

We use 2 powerful healing plants for each of the experiences. Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) an Cannabis consumption in ceremonial settings.

I am are aware that each participant is different and may have different needs. Therefore, I will make sure to allow enough time for reflection and nature; there is no obligation to attend all activities except integration activities. The dosage is discussed beforehand and worked out individually, but we can delivery mild introductory doses up to Mystical doses depending on the level of experience of the participant.

During the retreat each participant has a private session with the facilitator to discuss specific topics they wish to work on during the experiences.



Arrival in the afternoon

One to one session with the facilitator (optional)

Opening circle and intention setting

Night time indoor psilocybin session

Music & Reiki during the experience

DAY 2 - Rest Day

Morning Meditation


Integration of the psychedelic Experience

Creative integration activity

Integration circle


Pranayama, Meditation


Integration circle

Retreat Closing

Note: Schedule is approximate and may change


The sleeping layout: 3 Queens, 4 Full, 3 single, 2 showers 1 tub. Spaces will not be assigned.

Retreat includes 5 meals, please be sure to bring your own snacks if you would like. All meals with be healthy and I will not be providing ANY snack food.

Psilocybin Sacred Healing Retreat

Excluding Sales Tax
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