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Magical Uses: In ancient Egypt it was dedicated to Horus, the God of the Morning Sun, and it was variously known as 'The Seed of Horus', 'The Eye of the Star' or 'Bull's Blood'. Dioscorides recommends it for numerous conditions, including the bites of venomous creatures and the effects of poisons. Horehound has a prominent reputation as a counter-magical herb of protection. It is said to ward of witches and protect against their evil doings. It seems to have played a role in the ancient Egyptian mystery cults, though its significance today is lost. Its name 'seed of Horus' implies a lunar connection as Horus' seed gave rise to a lunar disk that was born from Seth's forehead and which became the symbol of Thoth, a lunar/mercurial God of magic.


Medicinal Use: Horehound is an expectorant herb, meaning it helps loosen bronchial secretions and eliminate mucus. More. Expectorant herbs help loosen bronchial secretions and make elimination of mucus easier.



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