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It's my conjure baby! These dolls are hand crafted with traditional hoodoo techniques and contain spelled herbs, crystals, etc. Each doll is unique in form and personality, some with physical flaws that add character to them and their personality just like you or I. Each baby has its own individual spirit that has been housed in the doll with the sole purpose of assisting you. Because each doll is blessed and unique, you should select your doll according to the one that literally chooses you. You will be drawn to him/her because he/she is drawn to you.

Your name is the first gift that you are given in this life, and as such, I have decided not to name them. Since they will be going home with you, it will be your job to bestow that honor upon them. This is a living spirit, and you need to feed and care just like you would any altar or container spirit. Each will come with care instructions per order!

Conjure Babies

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