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How to set up your Magickal Altar... tips, tricks, & things to be aware of.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Siara Fulton - Holistically Attuned

Altars are so important to have and maintain in your magickal workings. This is a sacred space that is a conduit of your energies. It is a powerful space that must always be respected. This is the place where you commune with your spiritual team, petition your gods, deities, ancestors, and is an integral aspect of spiritual communication. There are many different forms of altars; you can create a general altar in which all of your work is created upon, you can create an ancestor altar in which veneration is done, Money altar for money workings, Baneful magick altar, Inside altar, outdoor altar, private altar etc. Your altar is a reflection of you and your workings. I personally have an altar dedicated to my ancestors, and one dedicated to the deities, spirits, orishas that I work with. I'm going to share with you some common methods of starting our altar and also discuss some common mis-steps that you might want to avoid.

Please be mindful that everyone's practice is unique and these are just suggestions. Please always do what feels right in your spirit.

Tip #1 - Decide the type of altar that you would like to set up.

This may seem simple enough, but it is of the utmost importance. When choosing an altar, consider the following:

- Does my altar need to be private? Sometimes certain spirits prefer to work behind the scene and do not wish to have their altar exposed for all to see.

- What type of altar do I want to set up? Above I gave a few examples, but do some research to see what calls to you.

- Will my altar just be a place to honor, or do I also want to do work at said Altar

Tip #2 - Choosing the right location

Please be mindful that the type of altar you choose may also affect the location, for example if I were to have an altar specifically for my baneful workings, this may be an altar that I would consider keeping outside. Or, if I were to set up a money altar, I may refer to the practice of feng shui to find the location of my money corner and use that to establish said altar. Another consideration is If YOU want different energies to be able to set eyes upon your altar. For me, I do not have many people in and out of my home, so my altar space is open in a living space, however if you have a lot of traffic and unknow people/energy that comes through your space, you may want to re think having an altar in the living room.

"The bottom line is to not allow yourself, your things, or your space to be treated with disrespect. When doing root work you need to protect your space." - Miss Pheonix LaFae

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Now that you have established the type and location, it is time to add the necessary items. These items are a must regardless of the type of altar you are using. To make it easier, you can visit the website and grab your Altar kit which contains everything that you need to start your sacred space.

-Chalice: holds your water offering to spirit

-Bell, or singing bowl: something that calls spirit to you, think of it like ringing a door bell. This lets spirit know you are present.


-Cauldron: this vessel holds all of your magickal energies from every working that has be done or cast in it. the more you use it, the more power it holds



-Offering Plate


-Altar Cloth

-Florida Water!!!!!!!

The most important thing to remember is that you want to make sure all elements are represented: earth, air, fire, water, spirit.

Tip #4 - Mix it up and make it your own

Now that you have the basics, add to your altar the thing that represent your magick. Cleanse the space, lay the cloth and set up that altar!! Personalize it, If it is an ancestor altar, add pictures. If it is for deities, add a representation. If you are one who is fond of blood magick, an athame, Green witch, add an athame. Place your herbs, flowers, etc. Make it your own

Tip #5 - Light your candle and work your magick!

Pour your cup of water for an offering, light your incense, offer rum to your spirits, light your candle, & sit in silence and prayer as you give gratitude to what you have just accomplish and invite spirit into your space!

An altar is only as powerful as its Mage!!

The more you use this space the more powerful it becomes! I cant stress this enough. Clean it weakly, leave offerings often, sit and speak with your spirits daily!! Love your space and love your craft!!

Click here for your altar kit. It contains your basic tools needed to start your altar.

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