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Feb 6, 2023 - Mar 6, 2023

Hoodoo Conjure Part 1: 4 Easy Payments @ checkout


This is an 8 week course that will be broken down in to 2 parts. The first part we will establish the foundation and roots of hoodoo. You will learn the aspects of traditional black belt hoodoo and the medicinal holistic system of the African American culture. We will meet once a week for group rituals and deep dive into the course material of the week. Most the videos will be recorded in case you are unable to attend. This is a small apprenticeship group of 5, as an apprentice u will have access to things others don't and the teaching doesn't stop, you are now apart of our spiritual tribe. You will very much be learning an authentic black belt hoodoo, not the colonized version that is saturated on social media. The course content includes: Week 1: What is hoodoo? Hoodoo, slavery, and Medicine Week 2: Ancestral Veneration Week 3: Herbal spirits and Proper disposal from a hoodoo perspective Week 4: House Blessing, Hoodoo and the home, Un-crossing Upon enrollment, information for Hoodoo box with needed supplies will be given or an inventory list. 4 Easy Payments @ checkout w/ Sezzle

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Hoodoo Bae's 2

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